Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Steve Harvey Show PAPA DON'T TAKE NO MESS
    Romeo's old-school father enrolls him in vocational-training classes, much to Romeo's dislike. Meanwhile, Steve and Cedric try to catch a mouse running loose in their apartment.
  • 08:35am Steve Harvey Show THE PLAY'S NOT THE THING
    Sophia wins the role of Juliet in the school's production of "Romeo and Juliet," but Romeo is not chosen to play opposite her as his own namesake. Now Romeo must deal with watching another man play Romeo ...
  • 09:11am Family Feud FAMILY
  • 09:48am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (2)
    A clip show - Will and Carlton are still trying to get a date before each other, when they both see this girl she has to decide. But she chooses Carlton, is she too good to be true?
  • 10:24am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Kiss My Butler
    Will sets Geoffrey up on a date-and falls for her himself.
  • 11:00am The Game THE RULES OF THE GAME
    As a favor to Derwin, Melanie attends the first Saber Sunbeam meeting of the season, only to learn that unlike the wives, football players' "girlfriends" are not considered legitim...
  • 11:30am The Game AWAY GAME
    Derwin invites Melanie to his first away game in Miami, but due to her heavy school load, she decides to pass. When Tasha and Kelly find out she is not going, they persuade her to ...
  • 12:00pm Honey HONEY
    Honey (Jessica Alba), a tough, sexy dancer from the inner city, becomes a successful music video choreographer, but her career is threatened when her mentor blackmails her into the following choice: either sleep with him ... or be blackballed. Honey ultimately decides to pursue her lifelong dream of opening her own dance studio for inner-city youths. Mekhi Phifer and Lil' Romeo co-star.
  • 02:00pm Set It Off SET IT OFF
    Sick of being victims of circumstance and fighting a system that keeps them from realizing their dreams, four black women from the Los Angeles projects opt to knock over a bank. Emboldened after pulling off the heist, they continue their crime spree. But the sticky-fingered quartet (played by Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Vivica A. Fox and Kimberly Elise) is unaware that a fixated police detective (John C. McGinley) has them in his sights.
  • 05:00pm Instant Mom Babysit This
    Stephanie leaves Gabby in charge after the babysitter cancels on the night of an event where Charlie is the speaker; Stephanie is disappointed after she discovers that Charlie was ...
  • 05:30pm Instant Mom Dine Hard
    Stephanie makes the wrong impression when Charlie invites his boss over to dinner, so she tries to make the kids behave during dinner.
  • 06:00pm The Real <THE REAL>
  • 07:00pm Deliver Us From Eva DELIVER US FROM EVA
    Gary Hardwick wrote and directed this romantic comedy in which three young men pay a "player" named Ray (LL Cool J) to romance Eva (Gabrielle Union) -- the gorgeous and single but intolerably meddling little sister of their girlfriends. But no one expected Ray and Eva to fall in love for real -- and when they do, they get more than they bargained for! Also starring Meagan Good, Essence Atkins, Duane Martin, Mel Jackson.
  • 09:30pm Soul Men SOUL MEN
    Two decades ago, Louis (Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd (Bernie Mac) went their separate ways when their band broke up. But when their group's former front man dies, the two feuding singers agree to put aside their differences for a tribute concert at the Apollo Theater. The show promises to be a big hit -- if Louis and Floyd don't kill each other first. Jennifer Coolidge and Sean Hayes co-star in this road comedy from director Malcolm D. Lee.
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show HOT TOPICS W/ ELVIS DURAN
  • 01:00am The Real <THE REAL>
  • 03:00am The Game MISS ME A LITTLE WHEN I'M GONE <617>
    Malik is forced to choose between Reece and Tori, after he is dragged into the latter’s baby daddy drama. Meanwhile, Blue and Keira confront the subject of honesty in their relatio...
  • 03:30am The Game IN TREATMENT <618>
    In an effort to deal with her relationship issues, post-Rick/Pookie love triangle, Tasha spends an entire day in therapy to get to the root of her problem. Malik makes a brief appe...
  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2014