Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Family Matters THE CANDIDATE
    Eddie runs for president of the freshman class because he thinks it will make him more popular with girls.
  • 08:30am Family Matters BOWL ME OVER
    Battle lines are drawn in the Winslow family when the women challenge the men to a bowling match.
  • 09:00am Real Husbands Of Hollywood EASY BAKE KEVIN
    Welcome to Kevin Hart’s world where he, his friends and frenemies turn Hollywood upside down on TV’s funniest, fakest, reality show ever... First up, Kevin kicks Nick out of weekl...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 09:30am Real Husbands Of Hollywood THICKE AND TIRED
    Nelly tries to mediate Kevin’s one-sided beef with Robin, except Robin unwittingly outshines Kevin -- again… Meanwhile, JB and Boris discover Duane’s new clothing factory has a rat...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 10:00am Real Husbands Of Hollywood IT'S GETTIN' HOT IN HERRRE
    Trina gets on Kevin to budget and not spend so much, so Kevin decides to find mo’ money and finds his way into Nelly’s latest workout video, but not without a fight – with Robin…
    TV-14 D,L
  • 10:30am Real Husbands Of Hollywood KARMA'S A MITCH
    Kevin hits on boxer Shane Mosely’s girlfriend. Will Shane hit Kevin? Will Kevin hit the floor? Meanwhile, will Duane’s investment be a hit?
    TV-14 D,L
  • 11:00am Real Husbands Of Hollywood HART VS. MOSLEY
    Kevin “Fists of Funny” Hart squares off in the anticipated charity fight with Sugar Shane Mosley – and in the ring Kevin’s fists are really, really funny…
    TV-14 D,L
  • 11:30am Real Husbands Of Hollywood AUF WIEDERSEHEN, MITCHES
    Kevin attempts a music career and one of the other husbands is NOT amused. Duane’s latest scheme causes Boris to run into an ex…and trouble.
    TV-14 D,L
  • 12:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood TRICK'D
    JB gets a hidden camera prank show, while Kevin gets some unexpected news of expecting a Little Hart – by a heartless friend with benefits...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 12:30pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood HOLLYHOOD SCUFFLE
    Kevin writes a tell-all book about the Fellas and his ex-wife that doesn’t tell all the truth…The Fellas are NOT pleased.
    TV-14 D,L
  • 01:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood BLACKSTABBERS
    While Kevin’s out of town, a mystery blackmailer taunts the Fellas to do outrageous tasks or he’ll publically release incriminating boys night out photos…
    TV-14 D,L
  • 01:30pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood RETREAT FROM COUPLES
    It’s double date night for Boris and Duane with their wives, and double date night for Kevin -- with twins. Nick Cannon ruins things for one of them...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 02:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood : THE REUNION SPECIAL
    Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Nelly, Boris Kodjoe, JB Smoove and Duane Martin are back to relive all the antics of Season 1. And...will Robin Thicke show up? Also, the exclusive first look at scenes from the upcoming Season 2. The fakest reality show ever is sure to have the funniest, fakest reunion special ever! Hosted by LaLa Anthony. Please let Sharon-Franc...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 03:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood <SEASON 2 1 HR PREMIERE> TV-14 D,L
  • 03:33pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood FUND RAISING HELL
    In the Season 2 opener, Kevin shows off his upgraded celebrity digs to "OMG! Insider"'s Kevin Frazier while Wanda Sykes hijacks his new home for a star-studded fundraiser — where Nick's ex, Selita Eba...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 04:06pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood HELL OF A FUND RAISER
    Wanda's fundraiser at Kevin's house continues, as Nick's donated Smart Car is auctioned off by JB. Kevin, trying to impress Selita, starts a bidding war with Romany, only to have Khloe Kardashian up ...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 04:39pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood FRAUDITIONS
    Kevin looks for love by auditioning a Basketball Wife, an America’s Next Top Model winner and his ex-wife for his new sci-fi blockbuster…will he find his new Leading Lady? Meanwhile, Trina nudges a r...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 05:13pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood TISHA & DUANE
    Kevin turns Tisha and Duane’s new sitcom into a “diva battleground” that even producer Nick Cannon, director Keenan Ivory Wayans and co-star Reginald VelJohnson can’t control. At a recording studio, ...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 05:46pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood ROCK PAPER, STEALERS
    Comic superstar guest Chris Rock, along with Kevin, JB, and Anthony Anderson wreak havoc up and down Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Strip. But just who gets thrown a bone, and who will wear the Comedy Crown? C...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 06:20pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood HOOK, LIE & SINK HER
    Still looking for love, Kevin meets Flight's Nadine Velazquez on a celebrity match site. There’s a quick take off with lots of turbulence, but will there be a crash landing? JB and Faizon have a phy...
    TV-14 D,L,S
  • 06:53pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood OUTDATED
    Second chances are in the air – Wayne Brady and David Faustino (Married with Children) make a deal with Kevin and Selita to take another shot at love. Bobby Brown is ready for another shot at stardo...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 07:26pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood DOING THE BUMP
    New couple “KevLita” is getting tons of magazine covers and even more unsolicited advice, which the real Terry Crews (or is it?) gives them. Kelly Rowland, Eric Benet and a celebrity understudy help...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 08:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood SCATTERED SHOWER
    Hell freezes over as Tisha and Nicole hell-ariously plan Selita’s celebrity super-shower, with Eva Marcille, Nadine Velasquez and Bridgette all angling to be named the real host. ...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 08:30pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood STORM SHOWERS
    Erykah Badu comes to Kevin and Selita’s shower special on Nick’s N’credible Network with news that makes Kevin want to call Tyrone and TMZ. Neither the guys nor the ladies are on...
    TV-14 D,L
  • 09:00pm American Gangster AMERICAN GANGSTER
    From director Ridley Scott comes this tense crime thriller starring Denzel Washington as true-life Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas. Russell Crowe co-stars as the dogged outcast NYPD cop charged with bringing Lucas down. Ruby Dee (in an Oscar-nominated role), Cuba Gooding Jr., Josh Brolin and Chiwetel Ejiofor lead the supporting cast.
    TV-14 D,L,V
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW
  • 01:00am The Last Fall THE LAST FALL
    An NFL journeyman struggles to deal with life's complexities after his professional career is over. Starring Lance Gross, Nicole Beharie, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Darrin Dewitt Henson, and Keith David
    TV-14 L,S
  • 03:30am Second Generation Wayans THE PITCH
    Second Generation is on a high when one of the biggest agents in Hollywood agrees to represent them. But things go awry when he sends them out to pitch their movie idea.
    TV-PG D,L
  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2014