• TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015


Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Be My Baby Tonight
    Ashley asks Will about sex. Will ends up going to a pregnancy counseling center.
  • 08:39am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Strip-Tease for Two
    After Will and Carlton loose Vivian's necklace to a pawn shop, they strip tin order to get money to buy it back.
  • 09:20am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air How I Spent My Summer Vacation
    Will returns from his vacation in Philadelphia.
  • 10:00am I Think I Love My Wife I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE
    In this contemporary retelling of director Eric Rohmer's cerebral 1972 film Chloe in the Afternoon, Chris Rock stars as Richard Cooper, a happily married man with a young daughter at home. Problem is, he fantasizes about other women -- and soon finds his fidelity tested when a friend's former paramour (Kerry Washington) enters the picture and puts the moves on Richard. Gina Torres portrays Rock's wife, Brenda.
  • 12:30pm Juwanna Mann JUWANNA MANN
    Meet Jamal Jeffries (Miguel A. Núñez Jr.), a basketball "bad boy" whose undisciplined on-court antics get him kicked out of the league. Financially strapped and untrained in anything but basketball, Jamal comes up with a plan so outrageous it just might work: donning drag and trying out for the women's league. But it's once he makes the cut that the real challenge begins. Can he cease being Jamal and start a new life as Juwanna?
  • 03:00pm Single Ladies GONE
  • 04:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood HOLLYHOOD SCUFFLE
    Kevin writes a tell-all book about the Fellas and his ex-wife that doesn’t tell all the truth…The Fellas are NOT pleased.
  • 04:37pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood BLACKSTABBERS
    While Kevin’s out of town, a mystery blackmailer taunts the Fellas to do outrageous tasks or he’ll publically release incriminating boys night out photos…
  • 05:14pm Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Gets Committed
    Will and the Banks go back to their old neighborhood in an effort to help clean it up, resulting in them remembering their roots.
  • 05:52pm Fresh Prince of Bel-Air That's No Lady, That's My Cousin
    Will and Carlton become overprotective of Ashley when she enrolls in the newly co-ed Bel-Air academy.
  • 06:30pm BET Star Cinema BET STAR CINEMA
  • 09:00pm Nellyville WE ALL WE GOT
  • 10:00pm Single Ladies REMIX
  • 11:00pm Nellyville WE ALL WE GOT
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show <WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW>
  • 01:00am The Real <THE REAL>
  • 02:00am Real Husbands Of Hollywood ROCK PAPER, STEALERS
    Comic superstar guest Chris Rock, along with Kevin, JB, and Anthony Anderson wreak havoc up and down Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Strip. But just who gets thrown a bone, and who will...
  • 02:30am Real Husbands Of Hollywood HOOK, LIE & SINK HER
    Still looking for love, Kevin meets Flight's Nadine Velazquez on a celebrity match site. There’s a quick take off with lots of turbulence, but will there be a crash landing? JB an...
  • 03:00am Real Husbands Of Hollywood OUTDATED
    Second chances are in the air – Wayne Brady and David Faustino (Married with Children) make a deal with Kevin and Selita to take another shot at love. Bobby Brown is ready for ano...
  • 03:30am Real Husbands Of Hollywood DOING THE BUMP
    New couple “KevLita” is getting tons of magazine covers and even more unsolicited advice, which the real Terry Crews (or is it?) gives them. Kelly Rowland, Eric Benet and a celebr...
  • TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015