Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Same Game, Next Season
    Will tries to make a good impression on Fred, Lisa's father, but regrets it later. Hillary, Carlton, and Ashley look for Phil's will.
  • 08:35am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Three's a Crowd
    Will and Carlton's ski trip is interrupted by Lisa.
  • 09:11am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air It's a Wonderful Lie
    Will and Lisa each lie about their evening plans, then wind up at the same party -- where Ashley is found in the coat room with a football player.
  • 09:48am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Bullets Over Bel-Air
    Will takes a bullet for Carlton when a robber shoots at them in an attempt to rob them.
  • 10:24am Real Husbands Of Hollywood FALLING LEGEND PART 1
    Season 3’s hour premiere reveals who fell off the ledge in Season 2’s cliffhanger. Also, Kevin’s roasted by the guys; Nick enters politics; Trina’s and Bridgette’s new boyfriends are old Kevin frenemies; Boris want...
  • 11:00am Real Husbands Of Hollywood FALLING LEGEND PART 2
    Season 3’s hour premiere reveals who fell off the ledge in Season 2’s cliffhanger. Also, Kevin’s roasted by the guys; Nick enters politics; Trina’s and Bridgette’s new boyfriends ...
  • 11:30am Real Husbands Of Hollywood NO NEW FRIENDS
    Still mad about what happened on the ledge, Kevin finds new friends to replace Nick, Boris, Duane and Nelly… Duane sees monetary gain in Boris’ spiritual quest, while the guys see...
  • 12:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood DON'T VOTE FOR NICK
    Kevin disrupts Nick’s press conference with an anti-Nick rap, mistaken as anti-LGBT–made worse by Kevin’s explanations, despite Russell Simmons’ advice. But 'N Sync's Lance Bass ha...
  • 12:30pm Life LIFE
    It's 1932; Ray (Eddie Murphy) is a small-time hustler, and Claude Banks (Martin Lawrence) is a bank teller with a taste for gambling. When Ray picks Claude's pocket to pay off a debt, the two men are framed and land in the same jail for 60 years; trouble is, they can't stand each other! Stuck in a work camp, they hope to be proved innocent someday -- if they don't kill each other in the meantime. Ted Demme directs this warm-hearted comedy.
  • 03:00pm Soul Men SOUL MEN
    Two decades ago, Louis (Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd (Bernie Mac) went their separate ways when their band broke up. But when their group's former front man dies, the two feuding singers agree to put aside their differences for a tribute concert at the Apollo Theater. The show promises to be a big hit -- if Louis and Floyd don't kill each other first. Jennifer Coolidge and Sean Hayes co-star in this road comedy from director Malcolm D. Lee.
  • 05:30pm Lottery Ticket LOTTERY TICKET
    Kevin Carson is a young man living in the projects who has to survive a three-day weekend after his opportunistic neighbors find out he's holding a winning lottery ticket worth $370 million. Starring: Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Naturi Naughton
  • 08:00pm This Christmas THIS CHRISTMAS
    A Christmastime drama centered around the Whitfield family's first holiday together in four years. 
Starring Loretta Devine, Idris Elba, Delroy Lindo and Chris Brown
  • 10:30pm BET Star Cinema BET STAR CINEMA
  • 01:00am The Game NO MONEY MO PROBLEMS
    When Derwin rehires Irv it sets off Melanie searching for her role in life and Tasha searching for monies owed. Meanwhile, Malik is forced to evaluate his extravagant lifestyle. G...
  • 01:00am Scandal MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT
    Fitz and Mellie's kids join them for a TV interview at the White House. Elsewhere, Adnan seeks assistance from Harrison; and Rowan cautions Olivia to halt her investigation into B613.
    Melanie and Tasha's feud finds a public forum while preparing for the annual Sunbeams fashion show. Jason meets Chardonnay's friends who open his eyes to the racism in the world th...
  • 02:00am Scandal THE FLUFFER
    Abby steps in as Olivia’s proxy and takes on duties at the White House. Meanwhile, the team continues to investigate B613, and someone throws a wrench in Reston’s presidential campaign.
    Jason's ego takes a hit when Chardonnay rejects his proposal about hooking up after their upcoming annulment. Meanwhile, Derwin is shocked to find out Melanie is living the V.I.P....
  • 03:30am The Game DRINK. PRAY. LOVE
    Melanie has a showdown with Tasha at Drop Bar. Meanwhile, Malik has a hard time letting go of his dream home when he's forced to short sell his mansion. And Chardonnay is less th...