Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Being Mary Jane GIRLS NIGHT IN
    Mary Jane ponders her future after she and Andre have a heart to heart. Kara’s revamping of Mark’s show causes friction between Kara and Mary Jane. And when another woman comes sniffing around Paul Sr., Mary Jane sees the “other woman” role from another perspective. GUEST STARS: Robinne Lee, Brely Evans, Shelia Frazier, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Navia Robinson, Ana Navarro, Michael H. Cole
  • 09:12am Being Mary Jane THE HUXTABLES HAVE FALLEN
    After Mary Jane's affair is exposed, she’s forced to realize that she’s more hooked than she thought. The reality surrounding Patrick's sobriety party gives a look into the man he once was and how far he's fallen. And, Mary Jane finally gives Andre an answer to his proposal. GUEST STARS: Darrin Henson, Navia Robinson, Lorraine Toussaint, Kelly Rutherford, Jesse Jackson, Sr., Steve Young, Danielle Deadwyler, Tatom Ponder, LeLand Jones.
  • 10:26am Being Mary Jane MIXED MESSAGES
    After Andre slips, Mary Jane realizes he is still sleeping with his wife Avery, and responds by meeting a man online. At SNC, Kara’s changes prove too much for Mark. And when Helen’s diamond bracelet goes missing, both Paul Sr. and Helen expose their true feelings about the Patterson children. GUEST STARS: Robinne Lee, Tobias Truvillon, Brely Evans, Wayne Brady, Tatom Ponder, Navia Robinson.
  • 11:39am Being Mary Jane EXPOSED
    Paul Sr. calls on an unlikely source to please Helen with a platinum table at the biggest gala of the year. Just when Mary Jane and Andre settle into domestic bliss, Mary Jane attends the gala and runs into David. At work, MJ must choose between protecting a friend and fellow journalist or exposing his lies? GUEST STARS: Shelia Frazier, Stephen Bishop, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Michael H. Cole, Ryan Homchick, Diva Tyler, Joan Pringle.
  • 12:53pm Being Mary Jane HINDSIGHT IS 20/40
    A picture causes Mary Jane and Andre’s relationship to unravel. Patrick announces that he’s moving out. Andre assists Paul Jr. after a drug run turns violent. Niecy announces her plan for birth control following her delivery. And Kara contemplates handing over primary custody of her sons to her ex-husband. GUEST STARS: Jason Alexander Davis, Dorian Missick
  • 02:06pm Being Mary Jane BLINDSIDED
    Mary Jane is devastated when she learns one of her interviews has caused the interviewee to commit suicide. SNC reacts by suspending Talk Back, putting Mark in an uncomfortable position of taking over her show. Niecy is concerned that Dante won’t be present for the baby’s delivery as Patrick wonders who will look after Helen once he moves. GUEST STARS: Stephen Bishop, Keli Lenee Goff, Keith Boykin, Michael H. Cole, Jason Alexander...
  • 03:18pm Being Mary Jane UBER LOVE
    In one emotion-packed night, Mary Jane will confront several of the people she has hurt or wronged throughout the season. Lisa and Mary Jane’s friendship will be put to the test when MJ asks her to do something unethical. GUEST STARS: Robinne Lee, Stephen Bishop, Brely Evans, Kelly Rutherford, Rabbi Jan Goldstein, John Atwood, Jasmine Dustin, Michael H. Cole
  • 04:30pm This Christmas THIS CHRISTMAS
    A Christmastime drama centered around the Whitfield family's first holiday together in four years. 
Starring Loretta Devine, Idris Elba, Delroy Lindo and Chris Brown
  • 07:00pm Meet The Browns MEET THE BROWNS
    When patriarch Pop Brown passes away at the ripe old age of 107, leaving behind only $400 for his funeral, his entire family -- including his eldest son, LB (Larry Brown), LB's brother, Leroy Brown, and their sister, Vera -- comes together to bid him adieu. And though the siblings all love one another, they clearly dislike one another, too, for reasons that become excavated in this emotional play by Tyler Perry about the ties that bind. Starring Angela Bassett and Rick Fox.
  • 10:00pm The Pursuit Of Happyness The PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS
    Will Smith (in an Oscar-nominated role) and his real-life son Jaden star in this tearjerker about a struggling single parent determined to build a better life for himself and his child. Chris Gardner is smart and talented, but his dead-end salesman job barely pays the bills. When he and his 5-year-old son are evicted from their apartment, they face trying times as Chris takes on an unpaid internship at a stock brokerage firm with hopes of getting rich someday.
  • 01:00am Scandal TOP OF THE HOUR
    Olivia finds herself in the middle of a media storm, but this time she's on the opposing side of the oval office when Fitz's pick for Supreme Court Justice is caught in a torrid affair with Liv's new client, high-powered CEO Sarah Stanner (Lisa Edelstein). Meanwhile, Olivia and Jake continue their flirtatious relationship, while Huck takes Quinn under his wi...
  • 02:00am Scandal SNAKE IN THE GARDEN
    The team find themselves working for the devil when Hollis Doyle's daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom. Meanwhile, David is still in danger and is forced to seek shelter at Pope & Associates; Olivia and Jake take their flirtatious relationship to the next level even as the President continues to rely on Jake for intel; in the White House, Cyrus will st...
    Chardonnay goes on Perez Hilton to redeem herself after Perez lambasts her wedding fiasco on national television. Jason gives Chardonnay real answers about the demise of their mar...
  • 03:30am The Game NOTHING WAS THE GAME <804>
    Malik attempts to get back onto the Sabers roster by manipulating Jason now that he’s a coach. Tasha fully commits to motherhood and connects with her baby. Keira has a humiliati...
  • SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 2015