• THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2015


Showtimes for New York, NY
  • 08:00am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will's Up a Dirt Road
    Will tries his hand at journalism to impress Lisa, but his efforts get him sued by Jay Leno.
  • 08:44am Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Steps Out
    Will is on a date with a girl, and realizes he loves Lisa. Also, Susan Powter helps the family exercise.
  • 09:30am Who Can I Run To? WHO CAN I RUN TO?
    Monica is the former lead singer of the three-girl group "Illicit" who were once an R&B powerhouse. She went on to have a less than stellar solo career but now feels there is something missing. When she reunites with her former group members, they try to show her that God is the answer to her plaguing questions and also the power in gospel music. Monica, on the verge of ending a loveless relationship, must decide if she is ready for the upheaval that her girlfriends suggest. The movie soars with love, gospel music and redemption. Starring Marvin Sapp, Lil Mo, Tasha Page Lockhart, Jessica Reedy, Kel Mitchell and Antwon Tanner.
  • 12:00pm For Colored Girls FOR COLORED GIRLS
    Each of the women portray one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems, revealing different issues that impact women in general and women of color in particular. Starring: Janet Jackson, Anika Noni Rose, Whoopi Goldberg
  • 03:00pm Why Did I Get Married? WHY DID I GET MARRIED?
    In this big-screen adaptation of Tyler Perry's stage hit, eight married college friends gather for a weeklong reunion in the snowy mountains of Colorado. But a startling revelation of infidelity sets off a chain reaction of soul searching. Perry, who also directs, stars alongside Malik Yoba, Sharon Leal, Michael Jai White, Denise Boutte, Lamman Rucker and pop songstresses Janet Jackson and Jill Scott.
  • 06:00pm Being Mary Jane LET'S GO CRAZY
    We discover that Mary Jane’s decision to have sex with David in Episode 206 was an action made to allow God to decide the outcome of their relationship. During a Talk Back interview, Mary Jane finds the motivation to move forward with her life and repair strained relationships, starting with Niecy and Nichelle. She also makes a drastic change in the directio...
  • 07:00pm Being Mary Jane ONE IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER
    After SNC covers a fatal Atlanta school shooting, the emotional toll reverberates in Mary Jane, Kara and Mark’s relationships. Mary Jane and Sheldon’s courtship advances after he introduces Mary Jane to his circle of friends. Gael, a new man in Kara’s life, helps her find a new purpose. Though Mark’s relationship with Eric comes to an end, that doesn’t mean ...
  • 08:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood FALLING LEGEND PART 1
    Season 3’s hour premiere reveals who fell off the ledge in Season 2’s cliffhanger. Also, Kevin’s roasted by the guys; Nick enters politics; Trina’s and Bridgette’s new boyfriends are old Kevin frenemies; Boris wants to do good; Duane’s ...
  • 08:39pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood FALLING LEGEND PART 2
    Season 3’s hour premiere reveals who fell off the ledge in Season 2’s cliffhanger. Also, Kevin’s roasted by the guys; Nick enters politics; Trina’s and Bridgette’s new boyfriends are old Kevin frenemies; Boris wants to do good; Duane’s ...
  • 09:19pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood NO NEW FRIENDS
    Still mad about what happened on the ledge, Kevin finds new friends to replace Nick, Boris, Duane and Nelly… Duane sees monetary gain in Boris’ spiritual quest, while the guys see another side or two…or three of Wayne Brady.
  • 10:00pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood DON'T VOTE FOR NICK
    Kevin disrupts Nick’s press conference with an anti-Nick rap, mistaken as anti-LGBT–made worse by Kevin’s explanations, despite Russell Simmons’ advice. But 'N Sync's Lance Bass has the last LGBT laugh. Meanwhile, Trina and Wayne are tes...
  • 10:39pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood A BLURRED 47 1/2 HOURS
    Kevin, George Lopez and Regina Hall are now shooting "47½ Hrs.,” but director John Singleton may replace a disruptive Kevin with comic rival, Mike Epps. Meanwhile, Kevin’s mocked by internet star, Spoken Reasons, only for Kevin to mangle...
  • 11:19pm Real Husbands Of Hollywood ROLLING WITH MY ROOMIE
    As Regina Hall recovers at Kevin’s, her demands drive him crazy – but he goes wild when her BFF and star, Sanaa Lathan visits. Nick hires a PI (NFL & action film legend, Fred Williamson) for campaign opposition research, but he may have bad news...
  • 12:00am The Wendy Williams Show AMERICAN CRIME W/ GUEST REGINA KING
  • 01:05am The Real MC LYTE & LIL MAMA
  • 02:05am The Game NEVER SURRENDER
    Malik tries to end things with Parker so he can live an honest life with Jenna, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Tasha’s epic lie about her relationship with Dan...
  • THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2015