See All The Facts That Will Surprise You About 'Insecure' Actor Tristen Winger A.K.A. Thug Yoda

See All The Facts That Will Surprise You About 'Insecure' Actor Tristen Winger A.K.A. Thug Yoda

Gangsters are so multi-faceted.

Published 1 week ago

  1. Say It With Your Chest!

    Despite his popularity for the soft-spoken character Baby Voice Darius on Issa Rae’s web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Tristen is trained in acting, voice and dance by way of The Colburn School of Performing Arts and later the Amazing Grace Conservatory.

  2. That Homegrown

    Tristen was born and raised in South Los Angeles.

  3. Flattery Got Him Far

    In his free time, Tristen enjoys writing, traveling and impersonating characters and people from everyday life.

  4. Mama's Talented Boy

    Tristen’s mother is a retired touring ballroom dancer and he credits his passion and growing success to her.

  5. Never Too Far

    The neighborhood Tristen lives in today is close to where he grew up in South LA near Crenshaw High, which has a history of gang presence. This informs his character Thug Yoda on the television series Insecure.

  6. True to This

    Tristen and Issa Rae attended the same high school, where they met and were even in the play On Strivers' Row together!

  7. Ultimate Inspo

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    Winger cites Pharrell Williams as one of the top influencers in his life and says he’s the reason he began producing music.

  8. Okay, Bruh!

    Tristen holds music supervisor credits for the television series True Friendship Society.

  9. Sharing His Voice

    Tristen plays multiple voices on the #FRUITpodcast, which tells the story of X as he figures out his sexuality in the alpha male world of professional football.

Written by Chris Lee & Naiquan Greene

(Photo: Tristen Winger/Instagram)


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