It's now your time to get Back 2 Skinny with The Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. You could be her next celebrity client!

BET welcomes you to audition for a new show with The Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, who has worked with some of Hollywood's most respected celebrities! Jeanette is going to give you the same coaching, motivation and holistic program design that she delivers to her A-list clients. SHE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR STORY because she wants to help YOU achieve all of your dreams and goals!
How to Enter
  1. Record Your Video
    1. Record a video explaining to Jeanette, your current state of health, current situation in life, and WHY you need her help. Tell us how being overweight makes you feel. Please include why losing weight would help your life and how motivated you are to lose the pounds. Show us your personality!
  2. Upload Your Video
    1. Then, upload the 3-5 minute video. The more true, honest, open and candid you are, the better chance you have of being selected. Be sure to include your Name, Age, Height, Current Weight, Goal Weight and Measurements. Be sure to include a picture of yourself at your best.
  3. Back 2 Skinny Do's & Don'ts 
    1. DO show us a past picture of you at your best. PleaseDON'T include any music and make sure to avoid any artwork in the background of your video.

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