Paul Patterson Jr.

Paul Jr., aka PJ, is Mary Jane's younger brother who also lives with their parents. He is a kid from the skateboard generation that is in school studying architecture while selling weed to save money. Brought to life by B.J. Britt, PJ is a natural charmer and has quite a few high-end clients, including some of Mary Jane’s friends.

Helen Patterson

Helen is the family matriarch who is ill with Lupus. She is weak with coughing bouts, and is often shrewish and cantankerous. Despite the state of her health, Helen can be quick-witted and, if you look close enough, you'll see her love shining through. Legendary actress Margaret Avery adds spunk and strength to the character that is unmatched.

Paul Patterson

Paul Sr., the family patriarch, is still active despite his age. A sweet and gentle man, never judgmental and always selfless, he is terribly saddened to see his ill wife suffering. Although he and his wife, Helen, do not live the comfortable life they once had, Paul, portrayed by Richard Roundtree, will do just about anything for her.

Patrick Patterson

Patrick is Mary Jane's older brother who lives with his girlfriend and his young daughter in his parents' home where he acts as a rather inept caregiver for his ailing mom. He has two older daughters, the younger of which, Niecy, is expecting her second child. As a recovering drug addict, Richard Brooks brings life to Patrick's character, who is needy and defensive with suffocating ambition.

Mary Jane Paul

Gabrielle Union portrays Mary Jane, formally known as Pauletta Patterson, who is beautiful, successful and well-educated. She is the host of a popular news-style daytime show on a CNN-like network called SNC. Extremely good at what she does and very personable, Mary Jane seems to have it all. However, despite the trappings of a well-heeled life, she is looking for love in all the wrong places. It might not be so difficult for her to find someone if it were not for Andre. Although during the pilot she discovers he is married and consequently breaks things off, Mary Jane finds that he’s more difficult to resist than she thought. It also does not help that lurking in the back of her mind is David, Mary Jane’s “end-all, be-all” with whom she has had a tumultuous relationship. Nevertheless, she doesn’t allow love to rule her life. The ever-ambitious journalist struggles to prove her value at SNC and increase her show’s ratings in the process. When MJ is not working, which is rare, she’s very involved with her family and close friends. She does her best to always support them and is always willing to offer her opinion about their individual journeys — even if they don’t want to hear it — which is most of the time. At the end of the day, MJ has their best interests at heart, and in turn they have hers, which keeps her grounded.

Kara Lynch

Kara and Mary Jane go back a long time, and Kara is the lead producer for Mary Jane's show. The two are so close that when they fight, it cuts deep. Busy with a huge workload, Kara is great at her job, and as a friend to Mary Jane, she doesn't let their friendship influence what is best for them professionally. Recently divorced after 15 years, Kara, who is still prey to the charms of her ex-husband, is brought to life by actress Lisa Vidal. She also struggles daily with the pull of being a career-driven woman trying to stay present in her children’s lives.

Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley, a warm, friendly guy, is one of SNC’s anchors. Urbane, with a well-ordered life, he lives in a very male, minimalist home with his partner of five years. Mark, portrayed by Aaron D. Spears, clearly enjoys Mary Jane, and is more than happy to lend an ear and share some wine over a pow-wow. 

Niecy Patterson

Niecy is one of Patrick's daughters and Mary Jane's favorite niece. She's very confident, speaks her mind, and lives in the moment. Mary Jane feels she's lost in the world because she has a 1-year-old and is now eight months pregnant. Determined to stop this “ghetto trend,” Mary Jane inserts herself in Niecy’s life with a caring yet tough approach. In return Niecy, portrayed brilliantly by Raven Goodwin, helps Mary Jane tap into her fun, adventurous side. We’ll see Niecy begin to transition from a complacent (as a front for scared) single mother to making a sincere effort at taking a swing at life for herself and her kids.

David Paulk

He's the one that got away and Mary Jane just can't let David Paulk, portrayed by Stephen Bishop, go. He's handsome, smart, an entrepreneur and knows Mary Jane inside and out, but something between the two of them doesn't click. Mary Jane is David's Achilles' heel and he's trying to figure out how to let her go.

Dr. Lisa Hudson

Dr. Lisa Hudson, portrayed by Latarsha Rose, is Mary Jane's friend who appears to have it all together but she really doesn't. Dr. Lisa battles with depression and takes life one day at a time while also trying to be the best doctor and friend that she can.

Chris Spencer

Chris Spencer has joined the cast of Being Mary Jane  as Chris Warren, a loving husband, father and business man who is honest and loyal, especially when it comes to his family and friends. He and his wife Valerie got acquanted with Mary Jane through David, and sometimes get caught in the middle of their drama. 

Valerie Warren

Salli Richardson-Whitfield plays Valerie Warren, a mother, wife and therapist who seemingly has it all. Valerie and her hubby Chris aren't perfect but they're happy and living the good life. Val is a natural giver and often finds herself offering her counseling services to both Mary Jane and Lisa. 

Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick plays Andre Daniels, a family man and husband who seems perfect yet is anything but. The truth is, Andre is unhappy at home and having an affair with Mary Jane, looking for excitement. He is now in love with his wife and Mary Jane but ultimately who will he choose?


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