Gabrielle Union

Mary Jane Paul

Gabrielle Union portrays Mary Jane, formally known as Pauletta Patterson, who is beautiful, successful and well-educated.

Stephen Bishop

David Paulk

Stephen Bishop portrays the one that got away from Mary Jane. David Paulk's handsome, smart, an entrepreneur and knows Mary Jane inside and out, but something between the two of them doesn't click.

Helen Patterson

Margaret Avery plays Helen is the family matriarch who is ill with Lupus. She is weak with coughing bouts, and is often shrewish and cantankerous. 

Paul Patterson, Sr.

Richard Roundtree portrays Paul Sr., the family patriarch, is still active despite his age. A sweet and gentle man, never judgmental and always selfless, he is terribly saddened to see his ill wife suffering.

Richard Brooks

Patrick Patterson

Richard Brooks brings life to Patrick Patterson's character (a recovering drug addict), who is needy and defensive with suffocating ambition.

B.J. Britt

Paul Patterson, Jr.

B.J. Britt portrays Paul Jr., aka PJ, is Mary Jane's younger brother who also lives with their parents. PJ is a natural charmer and has quite a few high-end clients, including some of Mary Jane’s friends.

Raven Goodwin

Niecy Patterson

Raven Goodwin brings Mary Jane's niece, Niecy to life and helps Mary Jane tap into her fun, adventurous side. Determined to stop this “ghetto trend,” Mary Jane inserts herself in Niecy’s life with a caring yet tough approach.

Aaron D. Spears

Mark Bradley

Aaron D. Spears plays Mark Bradley, a warm, friendly guy, is one of SNC’s anchors who clearly enjoys Mary Jane, and is more than happy to lend an ear and share some wine over a pow-wow. 

Lisa Vidal

Kara Lynch

Lisa Vida portrays the recently divorced after 15 years, Kara, who is still prey to the charms of her ex-husband. She also struggles daily with the pull of being a career-driven woman trying to stay present in her children’s lives.

Latarsha Rose

Dr. Lisa Hudson

Latarsha Rose plays Dr. Lisa Hudson, Mary Jane's friend who appears to have it all together but she really doesn't. Dr. Lisa battles with depression and takes life one day at a time while also trying to be the best doctor and friend that she can.

Chris Spencer

Chris Warren

Chris Spencer has joined the cast of Being Mary Jane as Chris Warren, a loving husband, father and hard working man who is honest and loyal, especially when it comes to his family and friends.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Valerie Warren

Salli Richardson-Whitfield plays Valerie Warren, a mother, wife and therapist who seemingly has it all. Valerie and her hubby Chris aren't perfect but they're happy and living the good life. 

Gary Dourdan


Gary Dourdan joins the cast of Being Mary Jane as Sheldon, a sexy and mysterious lawyer. Sheldon is intrigued by Mary Jane's drive and beauty and she can't get enough of his suave demeanor and smooth talk.