Alicia Keys

"Someone’s Gotta Take The Lead Tonight"

Jill Scott

"I’m The Magnificent (Say What!)"

Chris Brown

“I Gotta See You Tonight”

Lil Wayne

“From The Bottom I Climb
You Ain’t Hotter Than Mine”


“I Prefer The Better Things”


"Pull Me In Close And Don’t Let Me Go”

DJ Khaled

"If I Got It Everybody Got It"

Ace Hood

"I'm Hip Hop Derek Jeter"

Rick Ross

"Whippin' Work—Hallelujah"

Kelly Rowland

“No Other Can Do That The Same”

Trey Songz

"I Can Give You More Than The Usual"

Mary J. Blige

"And It's No Hard Thing To The Joy I Bring"

Mali Music

"Music Matters"

Mary Mary

“One Step At A Time”

Donnie McClurkin

“Get Back Up Again”

Shirley Caesar

“A Still Small Voice Says, ‘Be Strong’”

Deitrick Haddon

“I’m Havin’ Church On The Moon”