Stephen Hill Says We've Got To Have Hart

Stephen Hill Says We've Got To Have Hart

Stephen Hill confirms that comedian Kevin Hart is the right person to host the 2011 BET Awards.

Published May 24, 2011

How did the host selection process work for this year’s BET Awards?

By the way, this year was the easiest one so far. We asked people around the office. There were other names mentioned, but none mentioned more than Kevin Hart.

We went to focus groups in Cleveland and Houston to talk about some other things about BET programming, but at the end of the sessions we’d ask: “Who should host the BET Awards?” There were other names mentioned, but no name was mentioned more than Kevin Hart.

I had the opportunity to hang out with Chris Rock and Wanda Sykes a few weeks back. Chris was like, “You mean you haven’t hired Kevin Hart yet?”

Really? The choice was that obvious to him?

Oh yeah. I mean everybody … Never in the 11 years of doing this has there been such an obvious choice.  You know what? I just thought of this. The only person who was close was Mo’Nique.

And Kevin said he thought Mo’Nique did the best job out of all the past hosts.

Ironically, yes. He thinks Mo’Nique was a champion at this. And I’m sure he’s gonna try to take the crown.

He’s already called them all out. He said they’re all warm-ups.

Did he really?

Yeah, it’s on the awards site. But what do you think made Kevin such an obvious choice? What gave him such a huge buzz?

I think he’s connected to his audience better than a lot of other comedians. He’s obviously had a great career trajectory. He’s a phenomenal stand-up, been in some funny movies, he’s got the Ford spots going for him, and he’s really connected on social media. And that’s one of the themes for us this year. We’re really glad to have someone who embraces Twitter, Facebook, and really stays connected with his fans. And I think that’s what did it.

Meanwhile, have you checked out this underground rapper, Chocolate Drop?

Chocolate Drop is big in the streets. You know what I’m saying?

He’s always going hard.

Word, word, word. He might drop a couple jewels on June 26th, baby. Jewels will be dropping June 26th.

Written by BET Staff