Trey Songz

Posted: 06/21/2012 07:06 PM EDT

TASK 1: Check in to "Listening to TREY SONGZ." Go to “Listening to MUSIC” on GET GLUE and search for Trey Songz, check in.

TASK 2: POST photo to Instagram : : Made to Be Together: One of Trey’s songs off his album Passion, Pain and Pleasure was entitled “Made to Be Together.” Find fun things that you think are made to be together and post them together .. Ex: PB & J (picstitch, diptic) Use #Made2bTogether106 in your caption.          

TASK 3: Vote for TREY SONGZ in the FANDEMONIUM QUESTION in the Too Big to Pick game.  (You’ll have to find it among the other questions.) Play here:

Question language = “Who will win FANdemonium 2012?”