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BET Star Cinema: Four Brothers
First Look: Watch the premiere of Four Brothers! August 7, 7:30/6:30C. - Clip (8/1/2012)
BET Star Cinema: He's Mine Not Yours
First Look: One man must make a choice. - Clip (6/18/2012)
BET Star Cinema: Harvard Park Promo Clip
First Look: Sunday, April 15 at 11A/10C, world premiere of Harvard Park. - Clip (4/9/2012)
BET Star Cinema: Unstable Creatures
Highlights: How long can Kim and her mother tolerate Sweetpea's insecurities? - Clip (11/21/2011)
BET Star Cinema: The Master of My...
Highlights: Joseph tells Sweetpea why they should be sellers instead of buyers. - Clip (11/21/2011)
BET Star Cinema: Momma's Got A Life
Highlights: Joseph gets territorial with his mom's new boyfriend. - Clip (11/21/2011)
BET Star Cinema: Rooster's Late Again
Highlights: The club's headliner is nowhere to be found and Percival can't... - Clip (10/7/2011)
BET Star Cinema: When Opportunity Knocks
Movie Moments: Spats and Sunshine Ace are at the top of their game and Trumpy... - Clip (10/7/2011)
BET Star Cinema: Is This Hooters?
Movie Moments: I Think I Love My Wife: Richard tries to balance fun with... - Clip (9/30/2011)
Bet Star Cinema: Is That A Diet...
Highlights: I Think I Love My Wife: Nikki and Richard get reacquainted. - Clip (9/30/2011)
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