The Best Man Chat With Morris Chestnut

The actor gifts us with an exclusive interview on Twitter.

Posted: 11/14/2013 04:15 PM EST
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Last time we caught up with Morris Chestnut and his The Best Man character Lance Sullivan, he was holding Taye Digg’s character, Harper Stewart over a balcony and almost didn’t marry Mia Morgan (played by Monica Calhoun).

Now fourteen years later with The Best Man Holiday set to premiere this Friday, Chestnut will have an exclusive Twitter chat with us @BETCinema, while we relive every moment from the classic flick. He’ll talk about what it feels like to be back on the screen, what men can take away from the film and he’ll also share some vital relationship advice.

Tune-in for The Best Man, tonight at 9P/8C, and get your tweets ready! Use the hashtag #TheBestManBET and join the convo.

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