A Triumph of the Heart: The Ricky Bell Story  On BET Feb. 1st

He'll learn about living from an unlikely friend. 

Posted: 01/31/2014 06:00 PM EST

Based on the story of Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Ricky Bell, Mario Van Peebles portrays the 1977 NFL Draft pick during both the height and end of his career. The film gives an inside look at Bell while he struggles with a terminal illness, soon finding solace in an unlikely friend, played by Lane Davis.

Each of the men deal with their sicknesses; doing their best to build each other up every step of the way. Will their faith and friendship be enough to keep them both alive?

Watch A Triumph of the Heart: The Ricky Bell Story on Saturday, February 1st at 8A/7C only on BET.