Held Up On BET March 15th

This is going to be a bumpy ride!

Posted: 03/14/2014 01:18 PM EDT

(Photo: Courtesy of Trimark Pictures)

While on a trip to the Southwest, Michael Dawson (played by Jamie Foxx) gets left by his girlfriend, Rae (played by Nia Long) after she discovers he used the money they saved for a house on a busted, old car.

Wallowing in heartache, Michael makes a pitstop at a convenience store and soon gets caught up in a robbery scheme, causing his day to go from bad to worse. Now Michael has to devise a plan to get his girl back and keep his car!

Will Michael be able to get himself out of this mess?

Find out by watching Held Up on Saturday, March 15th at 9P/8C only on BET.