Flicks of the Week - February 10

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  • 081412 video music the streets movie poster
  • 051011 shows beta10 winners precious
  • 020813 shows bet star cinema civil rights rosa parks story
  • 122211 celebs longshots poster
  • 052611 Shows Bet Star Cinema Preachers Kid
  • 102213 shows bet star cinema just wright
  • 072913 celebs jasons lyric movie halle berry
  • 010214 shows star cinema movie poster Joy Road
  • 011912 shows bet star cinema i will follow movie poster
  • 110613 shows bet star cinema mutiny port of chicago
  • 111413 shows star cinema movie poster radio
  • 100213 shows movies eves bayou
  • 010914 Shows BET Star Cinema Freedom Song
  • 022112 shows bet star cinema john Q movie poster
  • 100213 shows movies a thin line between love and hate
  • 021112 music whitney houston record deal obit
  • 010214 shows star cinema movie poster what goes around comes around
  • 041612 shows bet star cinema the marriage chronicles
  • 080913 shows star cinema are we done yet movie poster

The Rosa Park Story, Tuesday at 8A/7C

Angela Bassett's not falling for anything. Take a look at these other Black History films.

(Photo: Chotzen/Jenner Productions)

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