Glennita Williams

In this often war-torn world we live in, Glennita Wiliam's America's Guardian Angels is a ray of hope. The organization provides care items and packages for deployed Soldiers and hospitalized veterans. 

Who She Is

America's Guardian Angels began in the heart of an 11 year-old girl name Glennita Williams in May 2008 when her friend's father was deployed to Iraq. She emailed her friend's father and asked what he needed. He replied “I'm craving for some Hostess Twinkies.” Glennita thought he was not the only soldier craving for something sweet from home. Glennita asked her teacher could her classmates help her form “Operation Twinkie” and in 10 days she collected and shipped more than 1000 Twinkies to Iraq. February 2009, she asked her entire school to assist her in collecting care items for veterans in the VA hospital and she arranged for the school's choir to sing while the care packets were disturbed. This hospital visit changed her life. Glennita saw the soldiers sacrifice of losing limbs and other body parts in order to protect this country, so she wanted to do something more.

In November 2009 Glennita founded America's Guardian Angels, which supports deployed soldiers with healthy snacks, care items, books, and has shipped hundreds of pounds of Hostess Twinkies. Over the past three years, she has involved her entire community in her collection drives, asking businesses, churches, schools and civic organizations to help, and encouraging residents to bring donations to various drop-off points. So far, thousands of servicemen and women have benefited from her efforts and hundreds of veterans has received a care packet during her visit to the VA hospitals. 

 Glennita was named one of America's top 10 youth volunteers for 2011 in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She is also the recipient of The President's Volunteer Service Award by President Obama, The Homefront Hero Award by Illinois' Governor Pat Quinn, The Community Treasures Award by Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown, The National Women Veterans Volunteer Award, Ladies Of Virtue Award, 2012 Student In Action Jefferson Award, Dr. Martin Luther King Living The Dream Award, and is featured in the 2012 World Almanac Book For Kids as the Volunteer All-Star. The Illinois House of Representatives and the Village of South Holland, Illinois adopted a Resolution in Glennita's honor. America's Guardian Angels is determine to remember their courage and sacrifice by showing our appreciation.