Tiffany Bender & Alize Beal

With all of Tiffany & Alize's savvy in founding Y.U.N.G. Harlem - a campaign targeted to end gun violence in lower income communities of New York City; we see future leaders in the making. 

Alize Beal

A true Harlemite, Alize Beal was fortunate enough to learn that arts and culture are important to cultivating a young mind. She studied Opera and performed with the Young People Chorus of New York City from the age of eight until she was senior in high school.

At Howard University Alize immediately became a shining student leader; working on the homecoming committee, serving on numerous policy boards, and becoming one of the top mentors to underclassmen and perspective students. One of her proudest moments, however, would come her junior year where she was asked to speak on solutions for ending domestic violence at the White House.

Without a doubt, Alize is a young philanthropist working to bring change not just to Harlem, but the global community as a whole. Beal has a passion for the youth and is enthusiastic about helping them attain their highest potential. She believes that the youth in Harlem must be taught not to put a ceiling on what they want to achieve and that everyone has to create their own path to greatness. She wants Harlem to regain its rich culture while she gives back to the community that gave her so much. After perfecting her craft in finance and marketing at IT recruiting firm Tek Systems, Alize is in pursuit of becoming the first female Mayor of New York City.

Tiffany Bender

Tiffany Bender was born and raised in Harlem, New York. She obtained her bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University in the College of Visual and Performing Arts. However, Tiffany’s extra curricular life would prove to set the stage for her career. By the time she graduated in the spring of 2011, she was nominated for the 2011 Woman of Distinction and given both the La Fuerza Community Enhancement Award and Syracuse University Vice President Award for Senior Leadership. In the spring of 2012, Tiffany received her master’s degree at the illustrious S.I. Newhouse School for Public Communications.

It was here she produced and hosted Breakfast with Tiffany – a morning talk show on the university’s Orange Television Network. She was also the host of the network’s only fitness show “Cabin Fever Fitness”. Tiffany was able to share her story of triumph after losing nearly sixty pounds and encourage others to eat healthy and get fit. Tiffany hopes to continue making her community proud by hosting engaging events and fundraisers for Y.U.N.G. Harlem.

Tiffany believes the youth of her community have the power to reignite the greatness of Harlem and it honors her to give them the necessary push –no matter the means. Tiffany is currently the project manager and live-event producer for MISS BLACK NEW YORK | NEW JERSEY, USA. Her ultimate career aspirations include hosting a nationally syndicated television show as well as producing and writing for a major network.