Mary Pat Hector

To call Mary Pat Hector an activist is an understatement. This young lady will stop at nothing to wake her generation up and move it forward, even if she carries them on her back. 

who she is

Mary-Pat can now add National Youth Director for National Action Network. She speaks throughout this country educating youth on violence and other issues crippling her generation. Her non-profit now provides teen-safety workshops for schools, trains teens and college students in many areas of youth advocacy techniques. Not content to rest on her accomplishments, Mary-Pat travels an average of 4,000 miles a month speaking at high schools, colleges, conferences, women's events, and crisis shelters across the U.S. In addition to her duties as founder of Youth in Action and Youth Leader at Usher New Look Foundation, Mary-Pat delivers keynote presentations calling for teen activism; her story provides the inspiration, her how-to strategies give young people their own road map for changing the world.