About Criminals at Work

About Criminals at Work

The ultimate documentary crime series is here and sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Published December 16, 2015

The one-hour original docu-crime series reveals the shocking criminal acts committed in the workplace.  

BET Networks announces its new docu-crime series CRIMINALS AT WORK. This riveting eight-episode series explores shocking criminal acts committed in and around the workplace. Featuring revealing eye-witness interviews, actual crime-scene footage and gripping reenactments, CRIMINALS AT WORK dramatically illustrates that that you may not really know your co-workers as well as you think.

Every one-hour episode tells two suspenseful factual stories where unsuspecting everyday working people witness their own workplace transformed into a place of mayhem. Told through different points of view simultaneously — the co-workers who were there at the time of the crime, the reporters who covered the stories, law enforcement who investigated the crime, plus the addition of psychologists — will help viewers further understand how rather common places of work can become disaster areas when least expected. The first episode will feature two stories of crime at work, the first highlights a fraudulent doctor using his false identity to woo women at a hospital and the second exposes a woman lashing out against her co-workers after suspension from her job. Master career criminals did not commit these crimes; these perpetrators are sitting in the cubicle next to yours.

Written by BET-Staff


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