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    • Chronicled by actor and singer Tyrese Gibson, FIRST IN is a 10-episode half-hour original series that delves into the lives of Compton’s firefighters and paramedics as they try to balance the high stress of a gruesome work schedule and family life. Emotions run high as the men and women work long hours in a fast-paced, high-intensity atmosphere compounded by the daily pressure of saving lives.
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Episode 2 : Photos | First In

of 1211Photo
  • fb fi ep2 relative
  • fb fi ep2 stretcher
  • fb fi ep2 campfire
  • fb fi ep2 gunshot
  • fb fi ep2 chillin
  • fb fi ep2 caraccident
  • fb fi ep2 pregnant
  • fb fi ep2 Halvo
  • fb fi ep2 cody
  • fb fi ep2 bikeaccident
  • fb fi ep2 undercar
  • fb fi ep2 laidout

The firefighters assist a 16-year-old victim of gun violence.


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