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    • FRANKIE AND NEFFE, is a spin-off of the network’s top-rated reality show Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. FRANKIE AND NEFFE intimately profiles the wildly entertaining mother and sister of R&B singer Keyshia Cole.
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Frankie & Neffie All Photos

Frankie & Neffe: Episode 2
Neffe is all smiles after a gift from Frankie and a family dinner. See episode 2 photos.
Frankie & Neffe: Episode 3
Frankie has to call for help after night with her grandkids. See the episode three photos.
Elite finds out the truth about her paternity. Was it what she was hoping? See photos from the se...
Frankie & Neffe: Episode 9
Frankie | Neffe and Elite visit family | including Frankie’s mom. See episode nine photos now.
Frankie & Neffe: Episode 7
Frankie takes steps to heal a broken relationship. See photos from episode seven now.
Frankie & Neffe: Episode 8
Will Elite find out who her father is? See photos from episode eight now.
Frankie & Neffe: Episode 4
Frankie makes a heartfelt confession. See all the photos from episode four now.
Frankie meets with the life coach again. See all the photos from episode six now.