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Girlfriends: Trouble in Paradise
Highlights: Did Maya try to sabotage Darnell's wedding? - Clip
Girlfriends: I'm Home
Highlights: Darnell has a last minute revelation. - Clip
Girlfriends: A River Runs Through It
Highlights: Joan and William settle their unresolved issues. - Clip
Girlfriends: Episode 110: Girlfriends
Highlights: Joan just wants some alone time with Preston. - Clip
Girlfriends: Episode 110: I'll Man...
Highlights: Davis warns Preston not to hurt Joan. - Clip
Girlfriends: Episode 110: Don't...
Highlights: Joan is a big fan of Kelsey Grammer. - Clip
Girlfriends: Episode 109: Stuffed Love
Highlights: Toni's new boyfriend has a thing for children's toys. - Clip
Girlfriends: Episode 109: Security?!
Highlights: William loves Halloween pranks. - Clip
Girlfriends: Episode 109: I Need My...
Highlights: Is William's missing date a part of Joan's master plan? - Clip
Girlfriends: I Heard You
Highlights: Will Maya ever forgive Joan? - Clip
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