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    • Girlfriends is a glimpse into the lives of four friends as they navigate their way through life’s trials and tribulations with wit and humor. Through all the challenges of work and relationships, their friendship remains their bond.
    • Tracee Ellis Ross
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Girlfriends: Episode 105: She's Evil
Highlights: Toni causes drama at the club. - Clip (5/10/2011)
Girlfriends: Who's Is This?
Highlights: Joan finds Marcus' dirty little secret. - Clip (5/10/2011)
Girlfriends: Too Black
Highlights: Toni is having an identity crisis. - Clip (5/10/2011)
Girlfriends: Episode 102:...
Highlights: Joan tries to repair the damage she's done to Davis. - Clip (5/10/2011)
Highlights: Maya is suspicious of online dating. - Clip (5/10/2011)
Girlfriends: Episode 102: Just Like...
Highlights: Joan gets caught up in a web of lies. - Clip (5/10/2011)
Girlfriends: Episode 102: Anonymous Sex
Joan is going through a dry spell. - Clip (5/10/2011)
Girlfriends: Episode 101: My Own...
Highlights: Joan and Charles have a moral dilemma. - Clip (5/9/2011)
Girlfriends: Episode 101: A Verb and...
Highlights: The ladies are upset that Toni is dating Joan's ex-boyfriend. - Clip (5/9/2011)
Girlfriends: Episode 101: Here I Come
Highlights: Joan pretends William is her date. - Clip (5/9/2011)
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