2012 I Am Hip Hop Hall of Fame

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  • Hip Hop Awards, KRS-One
  • Hip Hop Awards, Russell Simmons
  • Hip Hop Awards, Ice Cube
  • Hip Hop Awards, Salt-N-Pepa
  • Hip Hop Awards, LL Cool J
  • Hip Hop Awards
  • Hip Hop Awards
  • Hip Hop Awards, Nas

Ice Cube

Year of Honor: 2009

If there's one great example of an artist doing a 180-degree career change, it would be Ice Cube. From being a founding member of the "world's most dangerous group," N.W.A, to becoming a seasoned actor in family-friendly movies, Cube has paved the way for other emcees to make it in the film industry. Though some would accuse him of selling out, most would agree he's still the “n***a you love to hate” on the mic. Yay, yay!

(Photo: Ben Rose/PictureGroup)

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