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'Ink, Paper, Scissors' Queen Prepares to Drag Co-Star

'Ink, Paper, Scissors' Queen Prepares to Drag Co-Star

One thing you don't do and that's bring someone's kids into the messy mix.

Published October 27th

The cast has been doing everything to keep the messiness exclusively on-screen, but the tea has spilled and now it's everywhere. 

Apparently there are a few things that we're not privy to regarding the Ink, Paper, Scissors cast that caused cast member Baby Girl to tweet about Danni not claiming one of her children. 

At this point it seems that Danni is done playing nice and will likely prepare for the voodoo for these b*****s like she did during episode two of the show with her feud with Coco. We expect Danni to declare: "off with their heads!" in the near future; we're postive weave will fly.

What do you think about this beef? Is it real or nah?

Written by BET Staff


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