Top Five Moments: Nadine Ellis

The actress, who plays Stacy from Let’s Stay Together, shares her top five favorite moments from this season.

Posted: 03/24/2011 03:01 PM EDT
Nadine Ellis

Over the next two weeks, the stars of Let’s Stay Together will share their top five favorite moments in front of and behind the camera this season. First up is actress Nadine Ellis, who plays Stacy.

What are your top five Let’s Stay Together moments so far this season?

1. "Charles coming home to find that Stacy had turned in his 'used' ring and upgraded her engagement ring. That’ll learn ‘em!"

2. "James Lesure and Nicole-Ari Parker as Darryl and Renee, Stacy’s college friends who come to visit and meet her new man. I love that episode because Stacy is trying so hard to show them who she isn’t but then learns they love her for who she is."

3. "Kita’s 'Dead Baby Deer' song, because it’s so wrong, but when you sing it, it feels so right."

4. "Tasha tells Jamal’s attractive client to 'beat it' in no uncertain terms, but with a compassionate touch. Because sometimes those kind of girls just don’t know."

5. Stacy trying to avoid the Wedding Planner played by Anna Marie Horsford by way of phone, Skype and in person, but she just won’t quit.


(Photo: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup)