Black LBGT Characters on TV and Film

of 1917Photo
  • Bette Porter The L Word
  • Paul Six Degrees Of Separation
  • Snoop The Wire
  • Lorraine And Theresa The Women Of Brewster Place
  • Fatima And Alex She Hate Me
  • Darkanian Let's Stay Together
  • Alike Pariah
  • Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance Noah's Arc
  • Cleo Set It Off
  • Kima The Wire
  • Kyle And Randall Get On The Bus
  • Omar Little The Wire
  • Lindy Car Wash
  • Belize Angels In America
  • Noxeema Jackson To Wong Fu
  • Damon Friday After Next
  • Elliot Be Cool
  • Carl For Colored Girls
  • Blaine Edwards And Antoine Merriweather

Snoop, The Wire

During the last three seasons of The Wire, Felicia Pearson played heartless lesbian gangster Snoop. Snoop was one of crime boss Marlo Stanfield's most feared and trusted lieutenants. (Photo: HBO)

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