Black LBGT Characters on TV and Film

of 1910Photo
  • Lindy Car Wash
  • Belize Angels In America
  • Noxeema Jackson To Wong Fu
  • Damon Friday After Next
  • Elliot Be Cool
  • Carl For Colored Girls
  • Blaine Edwards And Antoine Merriweather
  • Bette Porter The L Word
  • Paul Six Degrees Of Separation
  • Snoop The Wire
  • Lorraine And Theresa The Women Of Brewster Place
  • Fatima And Alex She Hate Me
  • Darkanian Let's Stay Together
  • Alike Pariah
  • Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance Noah's Arc
  • Cleo Set It Off
  • Kima The Wire
  • Kyle And Randall Get On The Bus
  • Omar Little The Wire

Noxeema Jackson, To Wong Fu...

In the drag queen comedy To Wong Fu, Wesley Snipes played Noxeema Jackson, a drag queen who travels to California to win a contest. On the way, he deals with homophobia, racism and bonds with some fellow drag queens. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

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