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Lift Every Voice: Freddie Jackson and Earnest Pugh

This Sunday On Lift Every Voice: Freddie Jackson & Earnest Pugh.

Posted: 06/02/2011 02:44 PM EDT
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Freddie Jackson

Start your Sunday mornings with BET's Christian talk show, Lift Every Voice. This week, we hear from these voices:


FREDDIE JACKSON ON LONGEVITY. Freddie discusses the keys to his longevity in the music game, and how he puts his trust in God.


Freddie Jackson rose to prominence as an R&B singer in the 1980s and early 1990s. He has released a total of 12 studio albums.


EARNEST PUGH LOOKS BACK. Earnest Pugh takes us back to his start in music in the church, how he became disillusioned with it, and his return. How does he plan on staying in the game?


Gospel singer Earnest Pugh released his first album, A Worshipper’s Perspective, in 2006. His latest is Earnest Pugh Live: Rain on Us.


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