The Suitor

The Suitor

Attn: Nick Cannon is accepting potential bae applications.

Published November 2nd

  1. Someone Has Kevin's Full Attention!
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin Hart is infatuated by Keke Palmer, who's probably like 20 years young than Kevin. Welp, to each their own.

  2. Teenagers Will Be Teenagers
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin Hart finds himself trying to keep up with Keke Palmer by anymean necessary, but it doesn't seem to be working out too well. Kevin soon finds out that his attempt to be hit only makes him look older. Just act your age Kevin! 

  3. Nick Cannon and Faizon Love Keep The Kid Entertained!
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin turns his back for a second, only to find Nick Cannon and Faizon Love in the pool entertaining Keke Palmer. He starts demanding that Keke adjust her bathing suit, so that it covers her whole body.

  4. Kevin Is Failing at Keeping Up With The Kids!
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Kevin needs some major support right now, but his friends are all laughing at him for making such silly decisions, like getting his nipples pierced.

  5. Nick Cannon Won't Be Single For Long
    (Photo: Patrick Wymore/BET)

    Nick Cannon takes to the show, Suitors to find the right bae to replace Mariah Carey. But his picks are all very interesting.

  6. Nick Has Plenty of Rebound Chick Options
    (Photo: Patrick Wymore/BET)

    Which one of these ladies will find their way to Nick Cannon's heart? Please note, Nick Cannon is a picky man. 

  7. This Lady Is Ready to Check Nick Cannon
    (Photo: Patrick Wymore/BET)

    It's all jokes after Nick Cannon unexpectedly gets played by a six figure chick. 

  8. Keke Doesn't Have to Take This Her Man Got Two Jobs!
    (Photo: Tyler Golden/BET)

    Keke Palmer interrupts boys night to let her man Kevin know that she just got a role on the new James Bond, and that she wouldn't have to take this anymore.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Patrick Wymore/BET)


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