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Real Husbands of Hollywood All Photos

Boris Might Take a Liking to Stage Plays
Boris' recent move to do a stage play might pan out. If it does, we expect him to do a few more.
Other Possible Shows That Never Happened
Well, Tisha and Duane (or Tisha and Kevin for that matter) can find comfort that their show never...
Benet Is No Stranger Here!
Eric Benet might be helping Bobby Brown out now, but he was definitely kicking it on the network ...
Zombies, A Child of Destiny, Auditions a
Kevin holds fake auditions and Boris checks out the stage play.
See Who Read for a Fake Movie
Kevin and Oliver managed to line up quite a few actresses to read.
7 Things Boris Kodjoe Should Do to Get B
Boris is a little...different lately, but that doesn't mean he can't get back to his old model-es...
Hell of a Fundraiser
Can Kevin keep up with the Kardashians?
What Happened During the Season 2 Premie
What happened during the premiere? See who popped up and who got mitched at.
Guest Stars from the Season 2 Premiere o
Kevin's fundraiser is a star-studded affair. See who arrived.
Boris Could Easily Fit Into These Roles
Boris is kind of husky now. However, the opportunities are still boundless.
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