10 Special Gifs From Queen Gladiator, Olivia Pope

We all know Olivia is a fashion killer, so here are ten gifs to remind us just how fabulous she is and will remain in Season 3 of #ScandalBET.

Posted: 10/02/2013 01:55 PM EDT

1. Even during a casual convo, she's on point.

2. She's even fabulous in a meeting. (No one wears a White coat like Liv)

3. Even in a distraught situation her hair stays in place.

4. She says no hands to the perfect hairflip.

5. Her runway walk is to die for.

6. She makes a big White hat look more Saturday night than Sunday.

7. She hops out of bed with her swag on.

8. She's steals the show from the "First Lady."

9. White never, ever looked so good on one person.

10. Through it all, Liv still handles business...and looks good doing it!