"More Cattle, Less Bull" Episode 305

Olivia joins the family business!

Posted: 11/11/2013 01:42 PM EST

According to sources, Olivia has placed family dinners back on the table with her dad a.k.a Command a.k.a Rowan. At the dinner, Rowan apparently gave Olivia some advice about her friends and revealed information about Liv’s mom. As it pertains to Liv’s acquaintances, it seems that Rowan and Liv came to the conclusion that if Liv’s friends don't come for him, he won't come for them. 

Later, Congresswoman Josie Marcus was spotted seeking Olivia's help in covering up family issues of her own. Word is that Marcus had a baby at the age of fifteen in her hometown of Montana. With her rising fame and the presidential seat in sight, it’s obvious that Marcus cannot have any mishaps or red marks on her record. Olivia needs to handle it!

Will Olivia be able to keep Marcus' child a secret? What will Rowan divulge to his own child? Watch Scandal on BET for more details on this story on Wednesday, November 13 at 10P/9C