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Scandal Photos

Best of 2013: Scandal
We've got all the times that Scandal made you gasp in one place.
What Would Liv Do? - 12/4
This week we give Liv's take on Fat Joe's recent run in with the feds. Hope he's fresh!
What Would Liv Do? - 11/25
Olivia Pope is on the case to get Waka Flocka in check, give Macklemore a few tips and get the PO...
What Would Liv Do? 11/20
How would Olivia Pope handle Kanye vs. Obama and the "Real Housewife" convicted of fraud?
What Would Liv Do? - 11/13
Olivia Pope has her own way of dealing with these cases. Here's how she would handle it!
What Would Liv Do? - 11/5
DMX, Nnamdi Asomugha and the NJ mall shooter. How do you think Olivia would handle all of these c...
What Would Liv Do? - 10/29
See how Olivia would handle the Chris Brown, Jay Z and Avonte Oquendo cases.
Off the Record: A Guide to "White Hat's
Olivia's secret love affair with the President Fitz is about to get leaked. Will she and her Glad...
Off the Record: A Guide to "All Roads Le
Olivia wants Rosen to cease spying on Quinn; Governor Retson is still bitter about the loss of th...
Off the Record: A Guide to "Spies Like U
Huck meets up with other trained members of secret CIA operation, B613. Someone crucial to gettin...
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