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Second Generation Wayans | Season 1 | Episode 1

Aired: 1/15/2013

After their career stalls following the failure of “Dance Flick, Damien and Craig Wayans convince their friend Kevin Hart to set them up with a powerful agent. The meeting unfortunately is scheduled on the same night Damien promises to have a real conversation with on again/off again girlfriend Regina Hall about their relationship. Meanwhile, George O. Gore, II meets a woman that he’s smitten with and strikes up a relationship with her. After Damien and Craig are jailed for trying to skip out on a bar tab and embarrassing an agent, George, who is also moving into producing, convinces the guys to start their own production company, with Damien directing, Craig writing and George producing as well as providing the work space. Second Generation Wayans production company is born.


Episode Highlights

  • Did Damien Dante lose Regina for good?
  • Can Damien Dante, Craig and George make their new production co. work?

Damien Dante partied hard with his new potential agent and forgot all about his date with Regina. What would you have done?