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Second Generation Wayans | Season 1 | Episode 3

Aired: 1/29/2013

On the business side, the guy’s careers get a shot in the arm when they sign with a top agent who immediately sets them up on meetings to pitch a movie idea that Craig pulled out of his ass. Spurred on by desperation, the guys go into the first few meetings ill-prepared and totally, yet comically, blow their chances. It takes a stern talking to from their new agent and a reality check from each other to pull them together for one last pitch that they nail, and then get the call that they’ve sold the movie before they even leave the parking lot. This is fantastic, until they realize that now they actually have to make a movie. Personally, Damien learns that Regina has a new man in her life, and he’s not taking that well. On the other hand, Craig is thrilled that paying DeRay to date Rochelle is money well spent if it keeps her off his back. Only thing is now that she’s with DeRay, she seems happier. More like the girl he fell in love with, but that’s a good thing...right? 



Episode Highlights

  • Has Regina moved on finally?
  • Rochelle and DeRay are getting a little TOO cozy!