The Game | Season 5 | Episode 14

Aired: 4/10/12

Derwin must suffer the consequences when he misses a routine block in a game that results in the Sabers starting quarterback, Kwan, being sidelined with a season ending injury.  Malik dazzles on the field when the coach is forced to put him in the game. Meanwhile, Melanie, fearful Tasha is getting cold feet about being her surrogate, has to find a way to get Derwin on board in the midst of the biggest drama he's faced as a professional athlete.



Episode 514 Highlights

  • Can Melanie get Derwin on #TeamSurrogate in the midst of his drama?
  • Malik's finally back on the field!

Kwan's sidelined and Malik's back in action as the Sabers' quarterback! Will he keep his position?