Game Tape: Jason Pitts Used Steroids During Championship

Confirmation of the injured wide receiver's use of performance enhancing drugs has come to light.

Posted: 07/24/2013 07:24 AM EDT
Filed Under Jason Pitts, The Game

In what appears to be a shocking revelation, injured Sabers wide receiver Jason Pitts has admitted to using steroids while playing in his last championship with the Sabers. The footage above was taken from teammate Malik Wright's recent Basically Water photo shoot that seemingly ended in a little bit of drama. Although the video is not official, it confirms any speculation that's been made about his performance. 

No official statement has been made from the Sabers' camp or Jason Pitts' management as of press time. However, it is safe to assume, based on recent Twitter statuses, that the marriage between Jason and his wife, Chardonnay, has hit an unfortunate speed bump.

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