Game Tape: Malik vs. Franko

This is not a shining moment for the Sabers.

Posted: 08/12/2013 11:49 AM EDT
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Embattled Sabers quarterback Malik Wright once again finds himself at the center of controversy, this time due to a brawl that took place at a San Diego nightclub with burgeoning rapper Franko. 

Sources say that the conflict between the two stems from Wright's relationship with his former assistant Tori. Apparently, Franko is the father of Tori's son and was upset to find inappropriate emails from Wright in Tori's inbox. After a brief exchange, Franko allegedly threw a bottle at Wright, who, in response, began throwing punches.

What's significant here is that Wright, who left rehab not too long ago for alcohol abuse, continuously ends up in less than ideal situations. Whether or not this will adversely affect the Sabers' season remains to be seen but this type of behavior is putting him on the path to being a Dallas Cowboy.

The last time we saw an athlete and a whack rapper get into it, it was something like this...

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Later on, Malik took to his Twitter account to re-assure fans that this was a simple misunderstanding and that it would resolve itself.

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