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Finale, August 5 at 10P/9C
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The Game Photos

Rick Fox: Road to ComicView and Real Hus
If Rick does become a successful comedian, this should be his end goal.
Couples Uncovered: Who Blue and Keira Sh
Blue and Keira have something special. They may very well end up in the same league as these coup...
8 Ways Blue Can Avoid a Sport's Jinx
Is Keira Whitaker a distraction for Blue? That's a tough call, but he may want to consider the fo...
8 Failed Comedy Posters For Rick Fox's C
Rick Fox decides to pursue comedy, which befuddles Tasha and Chardonnay. We can only imagine what...
Jason & Chardonnay: 9 Reasons Why They S
There's trouble in paradise for the Pitts. Can they work through it? Here's why they should.
How To Throw a Malik Wright Putang Parad
Malik takes Blue on a very special night out. Here's how you can follow suit.
Power Trippin': Folks Who Didn't Realize
Yes we know: the tension between Blue and Keira is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
Questionable Athlete Endorsements
Malik can sell water to a well. Did these athletes fair the same?
Potential Endorsements for Blueprint
Malik gets endorsements, so why shouldn't Blue? We break down several that would be perfect for t...
When Sexting Goes Wrong
Malik gets into it with his ex-girlfriend's baby's father after he finds lewd images that he sent...
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