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ICYMI: Gary's Big Pitch

ICYMI: Gary's Big Pitch

Gary takes the mound and Emilio gets a cut all in one week.

Published November 9th

  1. Gary's Got News
    (Photo: BET)

    Gary just got the opportunity of a lifetime to throw out the first pitch at a Minor League Baseball game.

  2. Mothers Just Don't Understand
    (Photo: BET)

    Kenya wants her son Emilio to cut his hair for his own good. Little does she know that his hair is his secret weapon when it comes to hooking up with women.

  3. Gary's Got the Juice!
    (Photo: BET)

    OK, Gary, we see you! Gary may have missed his true calling as a baseball pitcher.

  4. Houston We Have A Problem
    (Photo: BET)

    Looks like Gary went a little too hard on the mound. He may have seriously injured his shoulder. SMH.

  5. Turning Back The Hands of Time
    (Photo: BET)

    Hoping to get his body back into top notch condition, Gary turns to cryotherapy.

  6. Cryo Causes Shrinkage
    (Photo: BET)

    That cryo is no joke. Gary experienced some serious shrinkage and had to keep it real with Kenya about what went down.

  7. Gary Scissor Hands
    (Photo: BET)

    Emilio finally agrees to a small hair trim. Gary does the honors by chopping a few inches off of Emilio's pride and joy.

  8. "New Cut, Who Dis?"
    (Photo: BET)

    Emilio's got a new haircut. Kenya got her wish and she's happy with the outcome.

  9. The Moment of Truth
    (Photo: BET)

    After a long week of training, injuries, therapy and practice, Gary finally takes the mound to throw out the first pitch at the game.

  10. Epic Fail
    (Photo: BET)

    Gary managed to get the ball across the plate. However, he also managed to end up on the ground in pain. Mission accomplished?

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