ICYMI: The Owen Games

ICYMI: The Owen Games

Here's the full review of The Owen Games.

Published November 10th

  1. The Match is Set
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    The challenge has been issued and accepted. The Owen family is set to compete in a series of athletic competitions. Who do you think will win, the parents or the kids?

  2. Gary Thinks He's Black
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    Gary is really trying to convince Kenya that he has African-American roots in his family lineage. Kenya doesn't believe him one bit.

  3. Kenya's the Boss
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    Gary kicked Kenya off of his team and he's going to regret it. After all, Kenya is in charge!

  4. Gary Trains Hard
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    OK, enough joking. It's time to hit the gym. Gary gets serious about his training.

  5. Team A** Kickers is Poppin'
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    Kenya and her squad are ready. Team A** Kickers is on a mission to leave the Owen Games as winners.

  6. Team Who Dey is Ready
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    Gary came for the gold. Well, technically there's no gold in the Owen Games. Lets just say he really wants to win.

  7. On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
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  8. Gary's Got a Jumper
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    Gary and Austin face off in an intense father vs. son three-point contest.

  9. Emilio's Big Swim
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    Emilio gets a few pointers before hitting the pool. He's not quite Michael Phelps but he gave it his best shot.

  10. Owen Track & Field
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    The Owen Games wouldn't be complete without a relay race. We're still trying to figure out how Gary ran a relay race with no one else on his team.

  11. Kenya's Big Finish
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    The thrill of victory tastes so sweet. Kenya might be enjoying kicking Gary's butt a little too much.

  12. Kenya and Gary Talk It Out
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    The truth is that the entire family won. As long as they have each other, they can never lose.

Written by BET Staff

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