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10 Things Andre 3000 Made Popular (Sort
Andre 3000 is an undeniable trendsetter. Check him out in all of his funky headwear glory.
The Internets Rule Hip Hop
Hip hop journalism has gone digital. Check out some of the leaders.
The Message Is Worldwide
With hip hop more accessible than ever, check out these artists who heard The Message and grabbed...
These Queens Reign Supreme
Hip hop may be male dominated, but these women held it down the hardest no matter what the beat was.
Hip Hop Makes Major Business Moves
In order for the culture to survive, it needed entrepreneurs who paved a new path. Check out some...
Continue to FIGHT THE POWER!
Conscious rap is alive and well. Check out these artists who are similar to Public Enemy.
2Pac: Strictly 4 My Trendsettaz
2Pac was a trendsetter. Never doubt that. Peep these things which he helped popularize.
Make 'Em Say Ugh
There was No Limit to what their art department was able to do.
Top 10 Quotes From The Message
The Message leaves us with many great quotables. Check out some of the best right here.
Spreading The Message
These distinguished artists will be appearing on the four-part series.
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