About The Michael Vick Project

The game plan for success begins within

Posted: 08/28/2013 05:25 PM EDT

Drawing 2.8 million viewers in 2010 during its premiere on BET, The Michael Vick Project is a docu-series that chronicles the homecoming of NFL great Michael Vick after his public, two-year incarceration in association with a dog-fighting ring.

The series following the Virginia native generated contrasting views of Vick's character and his crime, bringing a mix of both good and bad reviews.

It has been nearly seven years since Vick's incarceration, and his transgressions have been largely forgiven though not totally forgotten. In spite of lingering criticisms, Vick continues to grow his personal brand and legacy as a QB. He launched a sports clothing line called V7 in 2012 that is sold exclusively at Modell's, with all proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia. And this year Vick will lead the Philadelphia Eagles into the first Monday night football game of the 2013 NFL season.

Now for a limited time, exclusively on BET.com, The Michael Vick Project has returned. September 9 through September 18 you can celebrate and relive Vick's long, hard and triumphant road to redemption with an unfiltered look at the real man behind the helmet as he rebounds from the mistakes of his past and begins to build a game plan for a new future.