8 Days A Week

Hip hop clashes with pop culture in an exciting, new and groundbreaking webseries for BET. 8 Days a Week is based on the critically acclaimed teen book series The Come Up by New York Times bestselling author Lyah Beth LeFlore and illustrated by award-winning artist DL Warfield. 8 Days a Week will take viewers into the world of six 20 somethings: Blue Reynolds, the music mogul-in-the-making, who, despite his fatherʼs wishes and familyʼs legacy, is determined to change the game on his own terms; Tommy “Whiteboy” James, an aspiring artist fighting the pull of his hustlinʼ past; Jade Taylor, the struggling college co-ed striving to become a doctor; Mamie “DJ Ill MaMa” Lopez, an ambitious deejay fighting to get her moment in the spotlight; Jayson “J-Shine” Martin, the musical prodigy and rapper hoping to be crowned the “next one”; and Zoe Olivia Daniels, a budding fashion designer with dreams of Paris runways. What do they have in common? Their hunger and passion to win at life.

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BET's Web Series 8 Days a Week Moves to Primetime

The dramedy explores the hustle and grind of trying to make it big in Hollywood.

Skye Townsend Goes For the 'Victory'

The 8 Days A Week star shines in new music video.

8 Days A Week: First Look

Take a sneak peek at Bet.com's new web series 8 Days a week. (8/13/2011)
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