Aaron D. Spears

Actor His resume includes guest appearances on shows such as Angel, Criminal Minds, Bones and Everybody Loves Raymond. In 2009, Aaron D. Spears landed his first major role on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful. He's set to play in BET's upcoming drama Being Mary Jane, alongside Gabrielle Union.

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Being Mary Jane: Mary Jane Turns 39

Highlights: Mary Jane's SNC family supports her on her birthday. (11/24/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Mary Jane Splurges on Herself

Recaps: There’s no surprise party for Mary Jane. (11/24/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Mark and Mary Jane Gotta Work It

Recaps: Mark and Mary Jane have a lot of life to figure out. (11/17/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Is Mary Jane Being a Hoe?

Highlights: Mary Jane and her girl talk hoe law. (11/17/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Aaron D. Spears Catches Up With Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Salli Richardson-Whitfield on making relationships work. (3/31/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Meet Mark's New Love Interest

Mark's new love interest introduces himself. (3/24/2015)
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