Aaron D. Spears

Actor His resume includes guest appearances on shows such as Angel, Criminal Minds, Bones and Everybody Loves Raymond. In 2009, Aaron D. Spears landed his first major role on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful. He's set to play in BET's upcoming drama Being Mary Jane, alongside Gabrielle Union.

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Being Mary Jane: Mark Feels Relieved With His Secret Out

Mark is glad that the truth is out. (2/10/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Mark's Boyfriend Wants Him to Tell the Truth

Highlights: Mark's boyfriend wants him to come out to his parents. (2/10/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Mark Discusses the Price of Coming Out of the Closet

Mark discusses his hesitation to come out of the closet. (2/10/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Mark and Mary Jane Get Caught in a Major Lie

Sneak Peek: Mark's mother opens the conversation about his sexuality. (2/9/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Behind the Scenes With Aaron D. Spears

Aaron D. Spears shows us how the BMJ crew works. (2/3/2015)
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