B.J. Britt

Actor With years of experience, B.J. Britt has appeared in dozens of TV series and movies, from Everybody Hates Chris to One Tree Hill, Lincoln Heights and The Vampire Diaries.  Next up, the prolific talent will star in the upcoming movie 10 Things I Hate About Life as well as BET's one-hour drama Being Mary Jane.

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Being Mary Jane: Patrick’s Gift of “Life” Infuriates Helen

Sneak Peek: Helen lets it be known that she may be ill, but not old. (2/21/2014)

Being Mary Jane: P.J. Gives Helen Some Hope About Her Health

Sneak Peek: P.J.’s got the hook up that’ll make Helen smile. (2/18/2014)

Being Mary Jane: B.J. Britt's Take

Exclusive: B.J. Britt explains what PJ thinks about his side hustle. (2/18/2014)

Being Mary Jane: Riding Dirty

Exclusives: B.J. Britt shows you his true character. (2/18/2014)

Being Mary Jane: Run PJ, Run!

Sneak Peek: Andre helps Paul Jr. when he gets in trouble with the cops. (2/12/2014)

Being Mary Jane: Being Mary Jane Takes Over LA

Exclusive: Being Mary Jane is back January 7! (12/17/2013)
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